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1. When washing hair use luke warm water and no sulfate shampoo or a co-wash

    Place neatly in a basin all hair laying in same direction (like photo above)

    NEVER scrub hair vigorously gently,  run fingers through it weft to end until clean

    Rinse with`` running water from weft to ends (cool water)

2. Condition with a quality conditioner leave on hair 10 minutes minimum rinse out with cool water spray in a leave in conditioner

3. ALWAYS air dry NEVER blow dry:  hang on a hanger and let dry or go under hood dryer

4.Hair can be set on any type of roller or rod use a leave in spray conditioner or setting lotion with low or no alcohol content. Once dry always use a    smoothing elixir or shine spray to add softness and sheen preferably a dry oil type product like argan oil 

Proper Care

     1. Don't cut the weft if you do you increase the possibility of shedding  for those who do it will only shed for the first few comb throughs to release stray hair from cut ends.

     2. Use minimal heat on hair this will keep the hair's integrity

     3. DO NOT USE alcohol based products to care for your hair

     4. LESS is best!   Build up of product will cause hair to tangle if this happens wash hair and recondition to restore it back to original condition


Installation Tips

     1.Try maintaining a body wave look by braiding the hair in 2 big braids at night while sleep when you undo in morning you will have a flawlessly wavy style effortlessly

     2. For a super wavy/curly style 2 strand twist hair while wet and sit under dryer

     3. If you have curly hair DO NOT comb or brush the hair ONLY use your fingers to style spray with leave in conditioner to calm down any frizzies

    4.     Sculpting gel works works best to seal in a shiny frizz free curl, Mousse is also ok for curly hair NON- Alcohol only

   5.      Scrunch product of choice into curly hair with fingers once styled allow to air dry or diffuse only. Once dry do not run fingers or comb through it or it will frizz.

Styling Tips

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